A Private Executive Administration Firm

About Us

Honedin is a private executive administration firm that provides services like those of the Controller of a family office, often picking up where other professionals’ services leave off. For example, your tax accountant doesn’t pay your bills, and your insurance agent doesn’t file and follow up on doctor visit claims. We do these things and quite a bit more.

Honedin provides a comprehensive, relationship-based set of services that keeps all of your financial life and personal business affairs organized and on track.


Why you’ll love Honedin

When you choose to integrate Honedin into your life, you’re choosing to work with a solution-oriented group of professionals who are…

  • Trustworthy
  • Ethical
  • Competent
  • Accessible
  • Experienced
  • Thorough
  • Collaborative
  • Insured
  • Patient
  • Empathetic
  • Pragmatic
  • Fun
The Honedin Philosophy

We believe that every person can benefit from better control of their finances and personal business affairs, regardless of age. And we have seen that having an expert organize, manage and handle all of your personal business affairs frees up your time, relieves your stress and provides enormous peace of mind.

You’ve Got Questions… We’ve Got Answers:

All of Honedin’s services are billed on a monthly basis at an agreed-upon hourly rate.

Number one, unlike when you hire a Trustee or Fiduciary service that comes in and completely takes control, with Honedin you retain your autonomy. You’ll still be involved in decision-making. It’s just that now you won’t be responsible for implementing these decisions. You’ll have a trusted partner taking care of things for you.

Number two, while Honedin’s services certainly do help you organize your affairs, they go far beyond this as well. We can check your estate planning documents to ensure all names are current and everything has been properly funded. We can coordinate real estate transactions, pay your bills, initiate and manage insurance claims, source and schedule caregivers, and much, much more.

Because with Honedin’s services, getting your personal business affairs organized is just the starting point of our relationship. Once everything is all squared away, we’ll act as your Private Executive Administrator. You’ll have a trusted partner that you can call upon to handle everything from paying your bills to interfacing with your accountant and guiding your family through crisis. As a result, you’ll have a lot less stress, and a lot more time to devote to the people and things that are most important to you.

It could be that your parents really are staying on top of things. But based on what we’ve seen with other clients, there’s also a good chance that things are falling through the cracks. The utility bill isn’t getting paid. Or it’s getting paid twice. Some insurance claims aren’t getting filed, and those that are denied are not disputed. And so forth. Bringing in an expert to take care of things can put everyone’s mind at ease. You and your parents will know that everything is getting done, and it’s getting done right—all without them feeling guilty that they’re “being a burden” on you.

It depends on your particular situation and needs. Based on the desired scope of work, during this “get to know you” time we may gather and organize all of the paperwork (whether physical or digital) and/or contact information for all of your assets, liabilities, estate plan, professional advisors, important legal documents, insurance policies, memberships and subscriptions, digital life (social media, music, etc.), pets, employment records and other important items.

Now is an ideal time to get started if…

  • You’re stressed and exhausted, and worried about all of the things in your life that simply aren’t getting done (or aren’t getting done well) because you don’t have time to address them.
  • You are aging, and while you still have all of your faculties you want to get things set up in a way that will make things easy for your family if your abilities should decline.
  • You’re tired of handling everything yourself, and simply want to offload your never-ending administrative and financial tasks to someone else.
  • You expect or have had a major life change to take place (such as a career change or change in marital status) that will make it hard for you to keep up with your personal business affairs. You want to get started now, so that the process will be complete by the time you really need our help.

Yes! Much like the Controller of a Family Office, we’ll work to ensure all of your affairs and advisors are coordinated, with everything and everyone moving forward together towards the same goals.